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Essential Business Solutions came about out of necessity.

When we began our business, we were focused on helping businesses secure the financing they required. This process is ever changing, with a greater degree of supporting documentation being required. For this reason, our team began to develop as a strategic group of individuals with complementary skill sets to maximize the return we offer to our clients.
Our fundamental purpose of helping businesses achieve their goals is a result of our experience building our own businesses. We understand the hurdles that business owners face as they look for ways to grow a sustainable business while still having time to spend with family and friends at the end of the day.

How Do We Do This?

Our straight forward approach effectively outlines your goals and provides clear direction for us to work towards.

We start with a consultation to further understand your needs. We learn about your business and the goals you have in mind. We can't help you unless we understand what you want to do.

Together, we define the actions to be accomplished in order to meet your goals and determine a timeline. We don't believe in textbook-style advice because each business and situation is different. We adapt our strategies to meet your goals.

Then we draw up a service agreement and get to work!

Our Services

Strategies in any of these areas can be developed and produced for you to implement on your own, or we can work with you to facilitate and provide guidance through the change process.


We work to get the best mortgage solution for your business. Whether you're looking to buy a new building, refinance to reduce other payables we can help. Give us a call to discuss your goal.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing can be one of the most effective ways to buy equipment for your business. We lease a wife variety of equipment, some of our most done items include, Semi Trucks, Trailers, Work Trucks, Heavy duty equipment, Agricultural equipment, Computers & IT and so much more.

Term Loans

Looking for a term loan to help grow your business, we work with a variety of lenders with specialized programs to fit your needs.

Website Development

Having the right presence online starts with a first impression, our team of developers will work with you to make sure your presenting your best the best way possible.

Financial-based Strategic Planning

The last thing people normally think of is their balance sheet when deciding what's next for their business. We turn over every stone to evaluate and report what the financial impact of each decision will be and identify areas for the greatest strategic improvement.

Business Start-up Planning

Starting a business is no small feat. There can be countless hours of research and planning to make sure your business kicks off on the right foot. To help with this, we provide assistance with writing business plans, financing resources, etc. to make sure your new business is successful.

Human Resource Management

Many businesses are too small to warrant the need for a full-time HR professional. We provide contract services an ongoing basis to these clients by ensuring proper workplace policies and standard are in place. This protects the employees and employers from violating standards that they may not even be aware of.

Group Training & Workshop Facilitation

The business landscape is always changing and while it may seem easy to introduce new products or change the way something has been done, you may experience adverse reactions from staff. Effective training workshops will result in a more informed employee and reduce levels of workplace aversion.

Bookkeeping Services

Nothing is more important to your business then its financial health, our qualified bookkeepers will keep your accounting up to date and in proper order.

Our Mission

To enable business owners to grow and manage their businesses as effectively as possible by providing support services

Many small to medium size businesses require management, financial services and technology-based support services, but cannot warrant the cost of bringing on a full-time employee to accomplish and manage these tasks. Using our team of trained, specialized partners, Essential Business Solutions makes those tasks achievable at a fraction of the cost of hiring employees.
We measure our success based on your success as we strive to accomplish the goals we set out to achieve. We are committed to providing quality professional advice and exceptional customer service to help your business reach its goals.

Why Us?

There are many different consultation companies out there in the marketplace today, each with their own niche. This will send you from company to company, trying to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle to fulfill your business goals.

Our group of dedicated partners provides a holistic approach — covering areas such as project management, software development, website, financing services, human resource management and much more — to give you the tools you need to be successful.

At Essential Business Solutions, we are here to help. Give us a call for a free consultation to determine the right strategies for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

This question can be complex, but the first question to ask yourself is, "Are you utilizing the maximum benefit from either your sales force or equipment depending on which sector you're in." If you find either staff or equipment are under-utilized, finding ways to improve htat will provide the consistent growth without over-extending your business. If equipment and personnel are maximized, then adding complement to the respective area to maintain effective growth maybe the right answer at that time.
The more money you save, the more you make, most businesses overlook the cost savings available as art of every day business dealing such as, improving Merchant service rates, reducing loss and speaking with suppliers to arrange better pricing.
EBS employs a multi-step process to organize and maximimze your time. Yes, there is growing paints sometimes, but that's part of the lifecycle of your business. Understanding what you're in for, in order to achieve your results and having a way to measure your sucess is what we are here to help you with.
Websites have their own language that enables users to interact with your business. Slow-loading response time, poor spacing, too little detail & too much detail can have a negative impact on your business is viewed. Many prospective clients interact with you online prioer to meeting or stepping into your space, so waht does your website say to clients and how effective is your business first impression to your clients?

Meet Our Partners

Travis Courture

Travis Couture
- Financial & Business Services

Travis is committed to providing the best financial advice and solution to fit your needs. With an extensive background in Finance and planning you will be well taken care of.

Call me: +1-204-997-7326

Danny Chung

Danny Chung
- HR & Employee Benefits Consultant

Danny is committed to your business by taking care of your most valuable asset. His 10+ years in the field combined with his MBA and CHRP make him the right person to talk to when it comes to taking care of your employees.

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